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Different Types of Shower Mixer

shower mixer

We take a shower in the morning to freshen up. A good shower helps in relaxing after a long tiring day and a hot shower boosts your mood on a boring day. In short, we depend on our showers. We literally spend half a year of our lives in there. So it’s good to ensure that your shower is the best. One of the ways you can transform your shower experience is by upgrading your shower mixer.

Remember, not all shower mixers are the same. There are different types of shower mixers available on the market nowadays. Listed below are various types of shower mixers. We’ll run you through them so you can make the right decision when buying a new shower mixer for your bathroom.

shower mixer

What different types of shower mixers are there?

Manual Shower Mixer

A manual shower mixer is very easy to install and simple to use. It is supplied with hot and cold water independently, and you can set the temperature manually according to what you want. When using a manual shower mixer, you must know that both the temperature and water flow are controlled by a single tap. This way, you’ll have to set the temperature each time before showering. Plus, it will not shut off automatically in case of water failure; you’ll have to turn it off manually.

Thermostatic Shower Mixer

A thermostatic shower mixer keeps the exact water temperature for as long as you are in the shower. One of the top benefits of a thermostatic shower mixer is that it protects you from sudden changes in the water supply of the shower. This means that even if somebody in your home is using water elsewhere, for example for flushing the toilet or washing dishes in the kitchen, the temperature of the shower will remain the same. It removes the risk of scalding; hence it is a safer option as compared to a manual shower mixer. In a thermostatic shower mixer, both heat and cold water flows are controlled separately, so you can pre-set the temperature before taking a shower.

shower mixer

Digital Shower Mixer

We live in digital times, when we can have digital doorbells, then it should come as no surprise that there are digital shower mixers as well. Moreover, a digital shower mixer can constantly regulate the temperature. Above all, with a digital shower mixer, you can also set the temperature to a specific degree and see it on the digital display. Additionally, you can also use a remote and control your shower from the comfort of your bedroom.

Smart Shower Mixer

Smart shower mixers are the latest addition to the bathroom, allowing you to control your entire shower experience. With a smart shower mixer, you can select several pre-determined shower settings such as gentle or drench, depending on what you want at the moment. Furthermore, you can also save your ideal shower temperature and power it to your profile for a comfy shower every day. Similar to a digital shower mixer, a smart shower mixer also lets you control your shower with the help of a remote. Plus, they are fully compatible with smartphones as well.