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Shower Mix: All You Need To Know

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Take a shower first thing in the morning. Unwind with one at the end of a hard day. Showers are a must for us. Almost six months of our lives are spent there. Please strive to have the best possible. One approach to improve your showering experience is to replace or switch to a different shower mix. There will no longer be weak, trickling water flows or sudden, extreme temperature changes when someone uses the downstairs tap.

A shower mixer is a valve that combines hot and cold water sources for a customized showering experience. However, only some shower mixers serve the same purpose. To assist you in installing a new shower or upgrading your current one, we’ll review some frequently asked questions and then run through the many types of shower mixers now available.

1What are the various types of shower mixer taps?

You can choose between a double-handled shower mix, a technical shower mix, or a thermostatic shower mix for your shower. In contrast to bathtub faucets, shower faucets lack spouts in favor of fittings onto which the mixer hose can be bolted or clipped. In terms of plumbing, shower valves are what regulate the flow of water from the tap itself.


  • The shower’s double-handle mixer allows you to independently control the temperature of the warm and cold water streams. Since more time is needed to reach the target temperature, this choice is more expensive.
  • A single handle or knob on a mechanical shower mix adjusts water temperature and flow rate. It can be operated with one hand, but getting the water to the ideal temperature will take some time.
  • The thermostatic mixing handle has two knobs: one for adjusting the water pressure and another for setting the desired temperature. The temperature of the water can be controlled and kept at a constant level. The temperature is typically blocked at a specified level to prevent burns, especially in children. The hot water supply is automatically turned off if the cold water supply suddenly stops working, as might happen if a pipe bursts.


Remember that only 2 liters of water are needed to adjust a thermostatic mixing valve, as opposed to the 8 liters needed for a mixer.

Some variations of thermostatic mixing valves feature a flow restrictor that only releases the required amount of water.

Important Considerations when Picking a Shower Mixer

There is a series of questions you may ask yourself to determine the best shower mixers for your needs. Choosing a shower valve requires careful consideration of several factors.


  • Among the most important considerations is cost. You should pick a shower valve that is both affordable and functional. Don’t skimp on quality only to save money.


  • Choose a shower mixer with spare parts availability in mind. A shower mixwill inevitably need to be replaced at some point. No matter how sturdy, the mechanism and valves will eventually wear down and stop working. It would be best to have a shower mixer that works with any standard shower faucet. It also should be easy for a plumber to correct.


  • The mixer’s longevity should be evaluated. There is no universal life expectancy for a shower mixer. The fact is that you require a solution that will last for a considerable amount of time. This can be aided by reading customer feedback. Look for a shower mixthat has been praised for its long service life.


  • The required mechanism and its installation must also be taken into account. Some shower mixers are inexpensive to set up, simple to operate, and need little in the way of upkeep. Digital shower mixers provide the same ease of use with water in the shower as in other portions of the house, such as the kitchen. However, if you have a large house with multiple bathrooms, you can use a smart shower mixer to streamline the process.


A shower mixer that works for you is out there; all you are required to do is look for it. A bad shower mixer can destroy your shower experience. The advice above will guide you to the top choices.

Is There An Option Besides Shower Mixers?

An electric shower is preferable to a shower mixer if your boiler has low water pressure or if you plan to install your shower somewhere that isn’t connected to your boiler, such as an en suite bathroom or a basement lavatory. Electric showers are self-contained, heating and pumping water without additional plumbing. Since no heat is lost during the journey of warm water from the boiler to the shower mixing valve, these systems are more energy efficient. Shower mixers not connected to high-pressure boiler systems are less expensive but provide a trickle of water at best.


Any modern bathroom would benefit from the installation of a shower mixer. Shower mixers come in various styles and designs, so picking the appropriate one is crucial. Trenz Bathroom is the place to go if you need assistance selecting a shower mixer. You can locate the perfect shower mixer from their extensive collection. Check out their website today to find out how their items can assist you in designing the bathroom of your dreams.