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Benefits of Installing a Shower Mixer

shower mixer

A shower mixer, also known as a thermostatic shower mixer provides ultimate control of the shower temperature. By using a shower mixer, you minimize the risk of scalding when you take a shower. In today’s modern work, a shower mixer is a must-have in your bathroom. It provides consistent heat and pressure and is the ideal solution when you have an older or inefficient water heating system. A shower mixer is also a quick and easy solution for an extension or rental property.

shower mixerPurpose of a Shower Mixer

As the name suggests, the purpose of a shower mixer is to mix hot and cold water supply in a valve so that the desired or chosen water temperature reaches the shower head. A shower mixer can be used with either low- or high-pressure water supplies. However, it will not increase the low pressure of water flow.

Placement of a Shower Mixer

The ideal placement of a shower mixer is on the opposite wall to the shower head. However, if your layout does not allow that, simply place it away from the shower head. This way, it will not get wet when warming up the shower.

Installing a mixer shower

Setting up a bath or shower mixer is easy. All you have to do is to install the device in a unit that has a pre-existing bath faucet. You will find the bath-shower mixer setup in most houses and this is the easiest to install.

Types of Shower Mixers

Now that you know everything about shower mixers, how they work, and how they can be installed, let’s have a look at the different types of shower mixers. Each of the different types of shower mixers will require specific installation methods. Some of the most popular types of shower mixers you will find in the market today include:

Push-on shower mixer – This is the easiest to install shower mixer. It is ideal for people who do not plan to change the plumbing in the bathroom. This makes it ideal for people who are living in a rented space. Simply attach the shower head and hose to the old bath faucet and adjust the temperature of the shower using the bath knobs which are already installed.

Bath/shower mixer – You will find this shower mixer model in most households. Setting up the bath/shower mixer is also very easy. You simply have to install the device in a unit that has a pre-existing bath faucet.

Manual mixer – When you don’t have a bath faucet, you will have to choose a manual mixer instead. In this case, the water is directed only towards the showerhead. You will have to adjust the temperature of the water by a single knob which you will have to turn circularly.

Thermostatic mixer – These mixers are a completely different story and are very different from the options listed above. Although a little expensive as compared to the other mixer types, the showerhead and hose will be built into the wall.