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Things to Consider before Buying the Shower Box

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A shower box is an important part of modern bathrooms. It not only helps keep the outside area of the shower clean but also adds to the beauty of the space. However, when you finally start searching for the right shower box, it turns out that picking one isn’t as easy as it looks.

There are a variety of shower boxes available nowadays and not all of them will fit in your bathroom. Here are a few things you must consider before purchasing a shower box.

The space in your bathroom

The configurations of your bathroom will determine what type of shower box will be right for your space. However, you don’t have to worry if you have a tight area. With proper planning, it is possible to fit a shower box in a tight area. Before making the final decision, know the height and room available in your bathroom. If you want to fit a shower box in a tight area, then you can go for a sliding or folding shower door.

The wall and positioning

Know the best position for your shower box. Is it the corner of the bathroom, the centre or an entirely separate area? This is a very important thing to consider as it will help you decide the type of shower tray and the type of door you will need. If you are replacing an old shower box, it’s best to keep the new one in the same position. This will decrease plumbing work, therefore helping you to save money.

The type of shower glass

There are different types of doors for different types of shower boxes. Always go for a high-quality shower glass that will ensure the highest safety standards. The first thing to consider is the thickness of the glass. There are four main thicknesses to choose from:

  • 4mm: If you don’t like thicker glass or are looking for an inexpensive option, go for a shower box with 4mm glass.
  • 6mm: These are also inexpensive but offer great quality for less money
  • 8mm: These are considered a luxury because they are manufactured using high-quality materials
  • 10mm: They are perfect for wet room panels and shower boxes

Besides the thickness, it is important to search for a shower box glass that comes with an easy clean coating and is highly durable.

Which shower door to choose?

Showers boxes have become quite popular, but before getting your hand on one, make sure you know what type of shower door will go with your bathroom’s design.

Pivot doors

These are the simplest shower doors as they have a traditional open-shut system. You can open the door inwards or outwards depending on your bathroom’s design.

Sliding doors

They can help you save space in smaller bathrooms. A shower box with sliding doors can be fitted in the corner of the bathroom to optimize the space.

Bi-fold doors

If you want to create a design statement then go for bi-fold doors.