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Why Use a Shower Mixer in the Bathroom?


Many people prefer taking a quick shower in the morning while others relax with one after a long tiring day. In short, everyone depends on showers. You surely spend a lot of time there as well, so undoubtedly you’ll want to make sure it is as comfortable as possible. Switching to a nice shower mixer or upgrading your existing one is an excellent way to transform your shower experience. It is high time you should say goodbye to weak water flows and bursts of either extremely hot or freezing cold water.

A shower mixer draws from both cold and hot water supplies and mixes them to ensure you can control the temperature of your shower.

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Why switch to a shower mixer?

Having controlled water temperature is no less than a blessing, especially if you have children or elderly family members. Both these age groups can face a little difficulty in regulating water temperature in a traditional shower. Another benefit is that you can enjoy a good rate of water flow. It is very frustrating to have a shower with slow and trickling water flow.


Nowadays, shower mixers are available in various styles. You can get them mounted on the wall. There is an option to get it fixed into the wall and another option is to get a digital shower mixer. When choosing a shower for your home, there are a lot of things that should be considered. You must look into the benefits and cost is also something that most people want to take into account.

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When you have traditional taps, you are limited to two different flows of water: hot or cold. You can of course mix hot and cold water in the bathtub but your control over the temperature will be limited. On the other hand, when you have a shower mixer, you can easily set the temperature as it flows from the taps. This makes it a lot easier to control the temperature of the water while you are in the shower.


As times have changed, people now prefer the sleek and streamlined look of a mixer shower. Separate hot and cold taps seem outdated already. This is the reason a wide range of mixer styles are available now. You can get your hands on sharp, contemporary lines or choose the one with a classic arch shape.

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The added control is undoubtedly very convenient, especially when it comes to taking a bath. When you have separate taps, you have to run both taps simultaneously. Usually, the hot water tap is opened more fully as compared to the cold one. It gets difficult to get the mix right. Plus, people find it really annoying to keep checking back.